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James Hastings
Mon. Nov 27th 2017
Thank you to the rescue team which pulled Mr Monroe and me from our plane wreckage on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 around 5:15 pm !!!!!
Sara Hoyle
Mon. Nov 14th 2016
Pat Samuels
Mon. Nov 14th 2016
Thanks to all of you for all the efforts you have made to fight these challenging fires!
Pamela Puckett
Fri. Sep 30th 2016
Enjoyed the Pancake breakfast fundraiser. It was a good turnout and I look forward to more opportunities to support you.
Tom Walther
Tue. Sep 13th 2016
You have a great website!
Barbara Erb
Tue. Mar 22nd 2016
You are so wonderful. On March 5, you came to our home after I called 911. You not only were experts but were also so kind. I can never thank you enough. You took my husband, George, to Mission ER. They said that it was because of your getting him there so fast that he made it through. Thank you, thank you, thank you. With deep gratitude, Barbara
Jeremy D. Menear
Sun. Mar 31st 2013
Have a friend who is a chief in NC. When we last talked he thought I had moved that way. He had many great things to say about your department so I just wanted to stop by and check out your page.

J. Menear
Fairview Fire, TN
Dr Gevony Laughlin, DDS
Thu. Sep 15th 2011
I have had the pleasure of seeing many of the Fairview Fire Department's personnel in our office. They are some of the most courteous, respectful, and reliable patients we have. I value the service they provide to our community and am thankful for their loyalty to our office.
Jay Evans
Mon. Jun 6th 2011
I originally came from shingle hollow but have been in AIken SC for 10years working ems and vol with gvw fire dept. i am currently working tor the DOE with SRS s firefighter emt . you guys keep up the great work.
Jessica Roper
Fri. Oct 8th 2010
The new page looks wonderful!!! It defiinitely beats the old one.
Tue. Sep 28th 2010
Bridgette- we are still in the process of adding information, pictures etc. Our members list includes most all of our personnel- paid and volunteer.
Mon. Sep 27th 2010
What happened to all the Volenteers you guys had on your page?
12 entries the in Guestbook
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