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Fire Dept. Auxiliary

2009 Fairview Fire Department Auxiliary

The Fairview Fire Department Auxiliary is made up of men and women who are interested in assisting the Fairview Volunteer Fire Department in many different ways. They cooperate mutually with the Board of Directors and the Firefighters in their work and social functions. The Auxiliary is dedicated to providing food and drinks to the Firefighters when on incidents with extended on scene times. This allows the Firefighters to continue with their task at hand as well as taking the burden of getting food and drinks off of the person in charge of the incident. The Auxiliary also works hard to raise money to purchase needed items for the department, so that the operating budget may be utilized more in other areas.

The Auxiliary meets on the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm at the Main Station. Anyone interested in joining the Auxiliary is encouraged to attend a meeting and you will be given the steps needed to join this great organization. You do not have to have any fire or emergency training to join and be a part of the auxiliary…just a willingness to serve your community.
Fairview Volunteer Fire Department
Auxiliary Creed
Oh Lord bless our endeavors to serve our community better
We earnestly pray that you will give us-
Hearts of Love for our fellow man
Love that reaches out and finds the lonely, the aged and the broken hearted.
Faith that enables us to live in peace without fellow man
Help us to practice the greatest of all graces;
To forgive others as you have forgiven us.
Inspire us to strive for perfection but
Never let us rise so high in our own estimation,
That we cannot stoop to give a helping hand.
Enable us to recognize our responsibility and make wise decisions
Make us faithful in tasks that are ours to perform.
Auxiliary current project:
The Auxiliary is currently working to raise enough money to purchase a fire prevention and safety education trailer to be used at our schools, daycares, churches, civic groups and many others. The Firefighters have a real burden for doing their best to educate everyone from the youngest to the oldest in fire prevention and safety. The Auxiliary took this as a goal to raise money to purchase for the Fire Department.
Currently the Auxiliary has mailed flyers to everyone in the Fairview Fire District requesting donations to the Auxiliary to raise money for this purchase. If you received this flyer this is a legitimate request and the money is raised solely for the purchase of a Fire Prevention and Safety Education Trailer. 
It is the goal of the Firefighters and the Auxiliary to do whatever it takes to provide the best fire prevention and safety education to everyone in our community. By donating to this great cause you are helping us to provide better fire prevention and safety education to many children and adults for years to come.