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2003 Ford
Advanced Life Support ambulance
ATV 3-2
2007 Polaris Ranger 6X6
Removable pump and tank for brush fires. Used for search and rescue as well.
-Seating for 3
-2500lb winch
-Medical equipment
-50 gallon water tank
-Reel with 3/4" hose
-Removable cab doors
Battalion Chief 3
2005 Cheverolet 3500
4-Wheel Drive
Duramax Diesel
Extenda Bed sliding tray in rear
Medical Equipment
Command/Accountability Equipment
Scott 4.5 SCBA
Scott Pak Tracker
Gas Meter
Knox Key Entry
Brush 3
2004 Ford / Anchor-Richey EVS
300gpm pump, 300 gal. tank, transverse compartment, Front bumper monitor which is controlled from the cab, pump controls in the cab
Car 3
2003 Chevy Tahoe
Past Cherokee FD Fire Marshal's vehicle, back up first response vehicle, used to transport personnel to training
Car 3 "Retired"
2001 Ford Crown Victoria
Police Interceptor package. Used for department duties and errands as well as transporting Firefighters to schools etc. Former Buncombe County Sheriff Patrol car.
Car 3-2
2003 Ford Expedition
Car 3-2 is the first response vehicle in Station 2's area. Car 3-2 served as the Battalion Chiefs vehicle for 3 years. Former "Car 9", Ellicott Creek Volunteer Fire Company Chief Vehicle, Amhurst, NY.

-Medical equipment
2012 Chevrolet Tahoe
Command Vehicle
Command Console in rear
Engine 1 "Retired"
1963 Ford / American LaFrance
First commercially built fire truck purchased by the Fairview Fire Department. The truck was purchased brand new from American LaFrance for $12,500. It also took numerous signatures from members of the community insuring that the truck would be paid for when recieved.
Engine 3
2004 Spartan / Smeal
2000gpm pump, 1000 gal. tank, Hurst Hydraulic Combi Tool, Initial alarm apparatus in District 1.
Engine 3-2
2003 International / Smeal
Urban Interface,4X4, 1250gpm pump, 750 gal. tank, Foam cell,
Engine 3-3
2007 Spartan/Smeal
Pumper /Tanker 2000 gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank, 20 Gal. Foam Cell, 1500 gal. drop tank, Newton dump, Genesis Hydraulic Combi-tool.Initial response apparatus in District 3.
Fire prevention and safety house
1996 Surrey
29 Ft., Two Level .wheelchair accessible on first level . kitchen with stove, microwave,refrigerator,and heated door. Living room with simulated wood stove, 9-1-1 phone system. Bedroom with heated door and emergency escape window. Smoke machine with items in each room capable of "smoking" to simulate a real fire.
Ladder 3
2002 Smeal/Spartan
105' Rear mount
Hurst rescue system
Ladder 3 "Retired"
2000 HME / Smeal
1500gpm pump, 400 gal. tank, 75ft ladder
Recue 3-1
2006 Ford F350 4X4
Quick Response / Rescue , Extendo Bed slide out tray loaded with Medical and Rescue Equipment. Initial response to medical incidents in District 1.
Rescue 3
1999 Pierce Dash Walk-around Rescue
Hurst Rescue system
Rope rescue equipment
Swiftwater rescue equipment
Salvage and Overhaul equipment
Ventilation equipment
Rescue 3 "Retired"
1990 GMC / Hackney
Heavy Rescue
Rescue 3-2
2008 Chevrolet 5500 /Anchor-Richey EVS
4X4,Medium duty Rescue,15,000lb winch, 5000lb portable winch, Light Tower,High Pressure lifting Air bag system, Hurst portable hydraulic rescue system
Squad 3
1997 International / 3D manufacturing
CAFS Engine, 4X4, 1250 gpm pump, 750 gal. tank, Former Haw Creek Fire-Rescue Engine 7-2
Squad 3-3
1998 Ford/Anchor Richey EVS
First responder/Wildland fire suppression unit in station 3 district, 250 GPM Pump, 225 Gallon water tank, 8 Gallon foam tank, ALS emergency medical equipment, Automated external defibrilator
Tanker 3
2009 Sterling / Water Master
3500 Gallon Tank, 1250gpm PTO pump, Vacuum pump, 40 ft. suction hose, 4000 gal. drop tank. Capable of filling and offloading itself in a little over two minutes.
Tanker 3-2
1997 Freightliner / US Tanker
2000 gallon Elliptical Tank, 500gpm pump, 2100 gal. drop tank.
Tanker 3-3
1988 Ford /Grumman
Pumper / Tanker 1250 Gpm pump, 1000 gal. Tank, District 3 tanker
Truck 3
2008 Chevrolet 3500
Multi-purpose utility vehicle.Responds to Brush fires,towing ATV or support unit to scene, transports equipment. In the winter time it is set up with a Western salt/sand spreader and a 7ft. Western snow plow to assist in allowing more mobility in snow/ice..