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Fairview Fire Department

Annual Board Meeting and Board of Director Elections

Monday, December 4, 2017 at 7pm

With our revised Bylaws now in place by community demand, a nomination committee has been established to select a slate of nominations (name list) to fill three positions that are open for appointment or reappointment.

These nomination will be presented by the committee at the next scheduled Board Meeting on November 20th at 7 pm.

Pursuant to the Bylaws, nominations may also be made from the floor by any General Member (taxpayer of the Fairview Fire District) present at the November 20th meeting of the Board of Directors. Any person nominated from the floor "must be present"  at that Board meeting and verbally state that they will accept the nomination and serve the position if elected. Nominated individuals  must also pay fire taxes within the Fairview Fire District. 

The Bylaws do not allow for nominations from the floor the night of the elections. 

At the Annual Meeting (Dec.4, 7 pm) the names of the nominated individuals will be read aloud along with a short bio of their talents and skills in an effort to allow the public to make an informed vote. 

You may obtain and submit an application to place your name on the nomination list for the community to vote upon at the Main Station (1586 Charlotte Highway).

Due to the Federal Guidelines required in operating a Paramedic EMS Division, ALL nominated persons must undergo a background check. If elected to serve on the board, all board members are subject to drug screenings. Nominated individuals must pay Fire Tax within the Fairview Fire District. 

All Applications must be received by the Fairview Vol Fire Dept. no later than November 16, 2017.










VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! Fairview FD was inspected by the NC Dept. of Insurance / Office of State Fire Marshal on April 17, 2017. The Office of State Fire Marshal collects and evaluates information from Fire Departments in North Carolina. This inspection evaluates Fire Departments per a uniform set of criteria, incorporating nationally recognized standards developed by the National Fire Protection Association. This data is analyzed using their Fire Suppression Rating Schedule and then a Public Protection Classification grade is assigned to the Fire Department. Insurance Companies use this Public Protection Classification for marketing, underwriting and to establish premiums for homeowners and commercial fire insurance. OSFM analyzes the relevant data and assigns a Protection Class grade- a number from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents an exemplary Fire Suppression program, and a Class 10 indicates that the Fire Suppression program does not meet OSFM's minimum criteria. 
We were officially notified by Mike Causey, NC Insurance Commisioner / NC State Fire Marshal of our inspection results.We are very pleased to report that the Fairview VFD improved its Protection Class from a Class 6 to a Class 3!!!!!!

There are 1532 Fire Districts in North Carolina and we are 1 of 61 Fire Districts that has a Protection Class 3.

We are very proud as this was a TEAM effort and we could not have accomplished this without the support of our Command Staff, our Paid and Volunteer Staff, the Board of Directors, our Support Team, our Mutual Aid Departments, and the Community. 
The improved Protection Class 3 will go into effect 10/1/17.
This improved Protection Class will mean reductions in Insurance Premiums for many properties in the Fairview Fire District. 
We would like to thank the Fairview Community for the continued support. This is your Fire Department and we continually strive to make improvements in every aspect of this department.